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  1. Metro 2033 is a Post-Apocalyptic Survival Horror and First Person Shooter video game based on the novel of the same name, Metro 2033, by Russian author Dmitry Glukhovsky.

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  2. Metro 2033 es un videojuego que toma lugar en Moscú en el año 2033, en un mundo post-apocalíptico. En mayo de 2013, se lanzó una secuela, Metro Last Light .

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    Metro 2033 Redux is the updated version of Metro 2033 for the PC and new platforms - featuring improved graphics, weapons, characters, and content. It is part of the two-part remake Metro Redux.

    Utilises gameplay elements from Metro Last Light, such as adding the option to wipe your mask clean as well as combat changes - like stealth takedowns and weapon customisation Simplification of the enemy and player character armour system All-new lighting engine Lower-end PCs perform better Cinematics have been redone and are now presented in first...

    Last Light - From a hardcore nuclear winter to an accessible nuclear spring (ft. Komo)-1 Wiki admins Karmazynowy Wilk (Bamul) and Komodo Saurian (Komo) discuss some of the gameplay changes between the original Metro 2033 and Last Light, as well as the Redux versions.

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  3. Here at the Metro Wiki we have a special category, Category:Needing Improvement which outlines all the pages that currently need work. These are the articles that need the most attention and any positive contribution would certainly benefit the Wiki. Uploading images is another really easy way to help out, you can do that on the Special:Upload ...

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    Metro 2033 (Russian: Метро 2033), by Russian journalist/author Dmitry Glukhovsky, tells the story of a young man named Artyom who traverses the dangers of his apocalyptic world to save it from a new threat from the north. The book describes the consequences of an atomic war: its only survivors strive for existence in the mazes of the Moscow metro s...

    After escorting a caravan to a member of the VDNKh Commonwealth, Artyom meets a man: Bourbon. In exchange for a hefty amount of cartridges and an assault rifle, Artyom promises to help Bourbon getting through several tunnels. However, Artyom's travels with Bourbon come to a tragic end, when his companion seemingly slips into insanity and dies. Luck...

    The novel first appeared online in 2002, but was first being written when Glukhovsky was no older than 16. First called Underground, this version consisted only of 13 of the story's eventual 20 chapters, and ended rather abruptly with Artyom's death from a stray bullet. Underground was a rather unique story in terms of maintaining a satisfyingly de...

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