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  1. Mohamed Aly El-Erian (Arabic: محمد العريان, romanized: Muḥammad al-ʿAryān; born August 19, 1958) is an Egyptian-American economist and businessman. He is President of Queens' College, Cambridge and chief economic adviser at Allianz , the corporate parent of PIMCO where he was CEO and co- chief investment officer (2007–2014).

  2. 13/06/2022 · WELCOME TO THE PARTY, PAL: Economist Mohamed El-Erian says most inflation ‘could have been avoided’ if Fed acted earlier. “There was so much we didn’t understand about the post-COVID inflation that humility would have been a good idea.” Humility and our current ruling class inhabit Venn circles with no overlap.

  3. 17/05/2022 · But in current conditions, there are hazards in a rapid rise in the dollar for both the wellbeing of an already wobbly global economy and for unsettled financial markets.

  4. 17/05/2022 · The dollar's rise to 20-year highs poses global financial risks, economist Mohamed El-Erian said.; Dollar strength makes imports more expensive for developing countries already dealing with cost ...

  5. 29/06/2022 · There is a danger of the classic ‘stop-go’ trap that haunted many western central banks in the 1970s and 1980s

  6. Mohamed Mustafa ElBaradei (Arabic: محمد مصطفى البرادعي, romanized: Muḥammad Muṣṭafá al-Barādaʿī, Egyptian Arabic: [mæˈħæmːæd mosˈtˤɑfɑ (ʔe)lbæˈɾædʕi]; born 17 June 1942) is an Egyptian law scholar and diplomat who served as the vice president of Egypt on an interim basis from 14 July 2013 until his resignation on 14 August 2013.

  7. 23/04/2022 · Mohamed El-Erian Organisation suggests there is a broader crisis as it revises down its forecasts for economic growth The IMF suggested the world economy will not move ever forward in 2023.