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  1. Princess Royal 1867–1931: Alexander Duff Duke of Fife 1849–1912: Victoria 1868–1935: Maud 1869–1938: Haakon VII King of Norway 1872–1957: Alexander John 1871: Norwegian royal family: Wallis Simpson 1896–1986: Edward VIII Duke of Windsor 1894–1972 r. 1936: George VI 1895–1952 r. 1936–1952: Elizabeth Bowes-Lyon 1900–2002: Mary ...

  2. This made World War I something of a family affair. We have the United Kingdom’s Queen Victoria—called the “Grandmother of Europe”—to thank for this historical anomaly. Let’s take a look at the royal family tree to see how Queen Victoria’s grandchildren fought each other in the “war to end all wars.”

  3. Royal anthem: " Heil dir im ... (Queens, Empresses, 1918, Family tree, Austria, Bavaria, Prussia ... Prussian troops under Marshal Gebhard Leberecht von ...

  4. Tinctures—the colors, precious metals and furs on a coat of arms—are also represented by words and patterns. The two metals are gold (or) and silver (argent); the colors are red (gules), blue (azure), green (vert), purple (purpure) and black (sable); the furs are ermine and vair.

  5. 10/09/2022 · The story is about a young man preparing for a long trip. He told his friend, “ I am just about packed; I only have to put in: a guide book, a mirror, a microscope, a lamp, a telescope, a volume of fine poetry, a few biographies, a package of old letters, a book of […]

  6. September 21, 1957 – Death of King Haakon VII of Norway, born Prince Carl of Denmark, at the Royal Palace in Oslo, Norway; buried at the Royal Mausoleum at Akershus Fortress in Norway A Danish prince who became King of Norway and one of a few elected monarchs, Prince Carl of Denmark was the son of King Frederik VIII of Denmark and Princess Louise of Sweden.