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    I put a message in a bottle And I walked down to the sea Like the waves upon the water The thought kept coming back to me And this whole world could use some lovin' Just some simple TLC I put a message in a bottle Made a wish and set it free I put a message in a bottle And then I asked the stars above For anybody who may find it To open happiness and love And hear the sounds of children ...

  2. Some dance to remember, some dance to forget So I called up the Captain "Please bring me my wine." He said, "We haven't had that spirit here since nineteen sixty nine." And still those voices are calling from far away Wake you up in the middle of the night Just to hear them say Welcome to the Hotel California Such a lovely place (Such a lovely ...

  3. Remember the Time Lyrics: I don't know, bet you wanna try / Every time you see / Do you remember when we fell in love? / We were young and innocent then / Do you remember how it all began? / It ...

  4. 12/10/2022 · Microsoft is not pulling its punches with UK regulators. The software giant claims the UK CMA regulator has been listening too much to Sony’s arguments over its Activision Blizzard acquisition.

  5. 20/11/2000 · Periodicals include magazines, newspapers, and scholarly journals. Works cited entries for periodical sources include three main elements—the author of the article, the title of the article, and information about the magazine, newspaper, or journal.

  6. Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress lyrics: Saturday night I was downtown Working for the FBI Sitting in a nest of bad men Whiskey bottles piling high Bootlegging boozer on the west side Full of people who are doing wrong

  7. Fun is back, find the equilibrium with machine translation. Will it converge?