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  1. 11/12/2021 · Robert Adam (1728 – 92) was one of the most important British architects working in the Neoclassical style – a movement in the decorative and visual arts that drew inspiration from the 'classical' art and culture of Ancient Greece and Rome. Born in Kirkaldy, Scotland, Robert Adam was the son of ...

  2. Adam: [noun] the first man and father by Eve of Cain and Abel.

  3. Gosford was built by the 7th Earl between 1790 and 1800, to plans by the architect Robert Adam (1728–1792), who died before the house was completed. The 7th Earl is buried in the Wemyss Mausoleum on the estate.

  4. Despite the long fight for independence, Americans were highly influenced by Robert Adam (1728–1792), Great Britain’s most popular architect, whose work was heavily indebted to ancient Greek and Roman forms.

  5. By comparison, the dignified Neoclassical dining room from Lansdowne House (1766–69), designed by Robert Adam (1728–1792), may have more in common with an ideal interior after Palladio .

  6. Adam, Gordon Johnston, (b 1934), mining engineer, politician and former Member of the European Parliament Adam, Robert, (1728-1792), architect Armstrong, Sheila, (b 1942), opera singer Ashington, Northumberland

  7. The individual Georgian buildings reflect the profound influence of Palladio (1508-1580) and their collective scale, style and the organisation of the spaces between buildings epitomises the success of architects such as the John Woods (elder 1704-1754, younger 1728-1782), Robert Adam (1728-1792), Thomas Baldwin (1750-1820) and John Palmer (1738-1817) in transposing Palladio’s ideas to the ...