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  1. 21/10/2016 · Dudley Rupert Collins 03 Feb 1887 Gunning, New South Wales, Australia - 21 Apr 1951 Madeline Ella Mary (Collins) Jackson 06 Jun 1884 Jerrara, New South Wales, Australia - 22 May 1965 Arthur Robert William Collins 18 Mar 1883 Gunning, New South Wales, Australia - 04 Jun 1931

  2. 11/08/2012 · Search 17,923 then share your genealogy and compare DNA to grow an accurate global family tree that ... managed by Robert ... Dudley 24 Dec 1828 ...

  3. Mr. Crabby Tree gets his first appearance on the show and he ends up leaving Dudley spinning through the tree rings of time! Now, Dudley must try to do what he can do to get back to his own home timeline. First appearances of Mr. Crabby Tree and Didi the Woodpecker. Dudley the Dragon Sally Matt Didi the Woodpecker

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    The name Robert is an ancient Germanic given name, from Proto-Germanic *Hrōþi-"fame" and *berhta-"bright" (Hrōþiberhtaz). Compare Old Dutch Robrecht and Old High German Hrodebert (a compound of Hruod (Old Norse: Hróðr) "fame, glory, honour, praise, renown" and berht "bright, light, shining").

  5. Potter was the surname of an old wizarding family descended from Ignotus Peverell and Linfred of Stinchcombe. The Potters were, for many generations, Pure-blood, up until the birth of Harry Potter in 1980, but they were excluded from the Sacred Twenty-Eight due to their egalitarian stance on blood purity. The Potters have traditionally been sorted into Gryffindor House at Hogwarts School of ...

  6. Robert Charnock, the last of the family male line, died in 1653. Robert's daughter and sole heir, Margaret, married Richard Brooke from Mere in Cheshire and thereafter Astley Hall passed into the ownership, through this marriage, to the Brooke family and thence to the Parkers and in the early 20th century to the Tattons.