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  1. Hace 23 horas · DOI: 10.14296/RiH/2014/1861. Date accessed: 13 April, 2024. Stalin’s Agent is a biography of one of Stalin’s illegals who was known by the alias of Alexander Orlov (1895–1973). Orlov entered the history of Soviet espionage primarily due to three reasons: First, he was credited with presiding over the shipment of 500 tons of ...

  2. Hace 4 días · In the­ 17th century, these chicke­ns spread across Europe and Asia. Count Alexe­i Grigoryevich Orlov helped make­ the breed popular in the­ 19th century. After his efforts, pe­ople in the West starte­d to know about Orloff chickens. In 1884, the first Orloff chickens arrive­d in Central Europe from the Russian Empire­.

  3. Hace 2 días · Court denies request to ensure Oleg Orlov's* presence at trial on status of foreign agent. The defence has demanded the personal presence of Oleg Orlov* when the court considers his complaint about being recognized as a foreign agent, but the judge has denied this request. The trial has been postponed until April 25. April 11, 2024 19:07

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    Hace 4 días · In a long running battle with his business partner, Russian billionaire Orlov could lose a large chunk of his fishing empire. By David Dawkins Former Staff. Nov 26, 2019.

  5. Hace 4 días · On 14 November 2022, Oleg Orlov had published on Facebook the Russian-language text of an article he had written, entitled ‘They wanted fascism. They got it ’, that was originally published in French by Mediapart , in which he condemned the war against Ukraine and argued that Russia had turned into a fascist totalitarianism.

  6. Hace 4 días · PHOTO: Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna, self portrait. 1920from the Collection of the State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg On 2nd April 2024, the State Russian Museum[1] in St. Petersburg, added 180 watercolours, painted by Grand Duchess Olga Alexandrovna (1882-1960) to their funds.

  7. Hace 3 días · The AMB-17 is a Russian suppressed, compact assault rifle developed by the Izhevsk Machine-Building Plant, a part of the Kalashnikov Concern. The design of this weapon was based on the automatic subcarbine AM-17 chambered for the 5,45mm x 39. The rifle is intended for use by special forces. The AMB-17 is equipped with an integrated sound ...