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  1. Crusades: Definition, Religious Wars & Facts - HISTORY › topics › middle-ages

    07/06/2010 · The Crusades were a series of religious wars between Christians and Muslims started primarily to secure control of holy sites considered sacred by both groups.

  2. The Crusades (1935) - IMDb › title › tt0026249

    The Crusades: Directed by Cecil B. DeMille. With Loretta Young, Henry Wilcoxon, Ian Keith, C. Aubrey Smith. King Richard and the Third Crusade (1190-1192) are given the DeMille treatment with more spectacle than history.

  3. The Crusades: A Complete History | History Today › archive › feature

    05/05/2015 · Download our special issue on the history of the Crusades. In the Muslim world, the memory of the Crusades faded, although did not disappear, from view and Saladin continued to be a figure held out as an exemplar of a great ruler.

  4. Middle Ages for Kids: Crusades › history › middle_ages_crusades

    Timeline of the Crusades There were a number of Crusades that took place over the course of 200 years starting in 1095: The First Crusade (1095-1099): The First Crusade was the most successful. Armies from Europe drove out the Turks and took control of Jerusalem. The Second Crusade (1147-1149): In 1146 the city of Edessa was conquered by the Turks.

  5. A Timeline of the Crusades - History and Headlines › cracked-history

    28/04/2016 · On May 22, 1176, The Hashshashin (Assassins) made an attempt on the life of Saladin, the First Sultan of Egypt and Syria.. On September 20, 1187, the Islamic forces of the famous Kurdish Muslim leader Saladin laid siege to the capital of the Christian Kingdom of Jerusalem, the holiest city in the Christian world and likewise in the Jewish world, and the third holiest city in Islam.

  6. Internet History Sourcebooks › sbook1k

    26/01/1996 · The Fifth and Later Crusades. After the Fourth Crusade, the nature of the movement changed. Never again was there a general multinational crusade directed at the Holy Land. The experiences of 1187-92 had shown that Egypt was the base of Muslim power, and so expeditions were directed there.

  7. Battle of Arsuf - Wikipedia › wiki › Battle_of_Arsuf

    Saladin, eager to urge his soldiers into closer combat, personally entered the fray, accompanied by two pages leading spare horses. Sayf al-Din (Saphadin), Saladin's brother, was also engaged in actively encouraging the troops; both brothers were thus exposing themselves to considerable danger from crossbow fire.

  8. Introduction to the Crusades (video) | Khan Academy › introduction-to-the-crusades

    The Crusades begin in ... a few significant cities which is going to catalyze the second Crusades but then as we get to 1187 the Muslim ruler Saladin is able to ...