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  1. Which English king is famous for battling Saladin during the ... › which-english-king-is-famous

    15/06/2021 · Which English king is famous for battling Saladin during the Crusades? King Richard I of England. What kingdoms invaded the land controlled by Saladin? The armies of Syria and Egypt assembled under Saladin, and after conquering Acre, Jaffa, and Caesarea, though he unsuccessfully besieged Tyre, the sultan arrived outside Jerusalem on September 20.

  2. Kingdom of Jerusalem - Wikipedia › wiki › Kingdom_of_Jerusalem

    hace 3 días · The crusade came to an end peacefully, with the Treaty of Ramla negotiated in 1192; Saladin allowed pilgrimages to be made to Jerusalem, allowing the crusaders to fulfill their vows, after which they all returned home.

  3. Crusades - Wikipedia › wiki › Crusading_Age

    hace 3 días · Saladin's brother Al-Adil supplanted Saladin's sons in the Ayyubid succession, but lacked the authority required to unite the Muslim world of his brother. As a result, the kingdom of Jerusalem revived in a period of peace between 1194 and 1217. in 1213, Innocent III called for another Crusade at the Fourth Lateran Council .

  4. List of modern historians of the Crusades - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_modern_historians

    hace 3 días · A novel set during the Third Crusade that features Saladin and the Assassins. Tarzan, Lord of the Jungle (1927–1928), in which Lord Greystoke encounters the descendants of a Crusader contingent of knights of Richard I of England. By author Edgar Rice Burroughs (1875–1950).

  5. List of sources for the Crusades - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_sources_for_the

    hace 5 días · Estoires d’Outremer et de la naissance Salehadin (History of Overseas and of the birth of Saladin) is an anonymous account of the Crusades from 1099–1230, including a fictional account of Saladin as the descendant of a countess of Ponthieu.

  6. Byzantium and the Crusades | Reviews in History › review › 371

    14/06/2021 · The initial goal of the Fourth Crusade was the re-establishment of Christian rule over Jerusalem, lost to Sultan Saladin of Egypt in 1187. Instead, it ended with the capture of the capital of a Christian state that had withstood all previous sieges and assaults.

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  8. HistoryMole Timeline: King Richard I (1157-1199) › cgi-bin › main

    13/06/2021 · He nearly used up the treasury left by his father to fund his Crusade. Though he scored some successes in the Holy Land, Richard and his fellow Crusaders failed to meet the objective of the Third Crusade, which was to recapture Jerusalem from Saladin.

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