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  1. Crusades - Wikipedia › wiki › The_crusades

    hace 4 días · The Crusade ended on 1 July 1198 after capturing Sidon and Beirut from the Muslim defenders, now commanded by Saladin's brother Al-Adil. The Kingdom of Acre from Isabella through Almaric II, 1190–1212. The Third Crusade began with Sibylla and Guy of Lusignan co-rulers of the reconstituted Kingdom of Acre.

  2. Kingdom of Jerusalem - Wikipedia › wiki › Kingdom_of_Jerusalem

    hace 4 días · The crusade came to an end peacefully, with the Treaty of Ramla negotiated in 1192; Saladin allowed pilgrimages to be made to Jerusalem, allowing the crusaders to fulfill their vows, after which they all returned home.

  3. Seljuk Empire - Wikipedia › wiki › Seljuk_Empire

    hace 4 días · After the Second Crusade, Nur ad-Din's general Shirkuh, who had established himself in Egypt on Fatimid land, was succeeded by Saladin. In time, Saladin rebelled against Nur ad-Din, and, upon his death, Saladin married his widow and captured most of Syria and created the Ayyubid dynasty. [citation needed]

  4. 21/07/2021 · Saladin: Noble Prince of Islam is a biography of Saladin, or Salah al-Din, who lead the Muslim forces during the crusades. Because of the important role he played in the Crusades, much of the...

  5. Saladin Yusuf Sultan During Second Crusade by Paul Gustave ... › @@ › 9DH9VA-Paul-Gustave-Dor

    23/07/2021 · Saladin Yusuf Sultan During Second Crusade by Paul Gustave Doré (1832-1883, France) | Museum Art Reproductions Paul Gustave Doré |

    • Paul Gustave Doré
  6. Rival Queens: Elizabeth I and Catherine de' Medici - Dan ... › history-hit-network-dan

    21/07/2021 · Saladin and the Crusades. Saladin was one of the greatest Sultans of the middle ages, and the first sultan of Egypt and Syria. He famously defeated the Crusader army...

  7. List of collections of Crusader sources - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_Collections_of

    20/07/2021 · The Crusade against Constantinople (1204); VI. The thirteenth-century Crusades (1217-1252); VII. Final loss of the Christian colonies of the East (1254-1291); VIII. The fourteenth-century Crusade and the Ottoman invasion; IX. The Crusade in the fifteenth century; X. Modifications and survival of the idea of the Crusade.

  8. Steam Workshop::The Kingdom of Heaven: Third Crusade › workshop › filedetails

    21/07/2021 · Brings the large, interesting, engaging, world of the third crusade to your games! Play as figures such as Richard the Lionheart, Henry II, Baldwin IV, Saladin, Philip Augustus, Frederick Barbarossa and more! 1184 startdate, giving the player a good few years to prepare before the Third Crusade.

  9. Al-Aqsa Mosque - Wikipedia › wiki › Al-Aqsa_Mosque

    hace 6 días · The current construction of the al-Aqsa Mosque is dated to the early Umayyad period of rule in Palestine.Architectural historian K. A. C. Creswell, referring to a testimony by Arculf, a Gallic monk, during his pilgrimage to Palestine in 679–82, notes the possibility that the second caliph of the Rashidun Caliphate, Umar ibn al-Khattab, erected a primitive quadrangular building for a capacity ...

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