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  1. 01/02/2014 · The first world war broke out because of miscalculations. European leaders acted like a “generation of sleepwalkers that stumbled unawares over the ledge of doom during that halcyon summer of 1914,” explains the work The Fall of the Dynasties —The Collapse of the Old Order 1905-1922.

  2. 28/06/2014 · Contemporaries certainly thought it was a world war and called it that. The term "World War" (Weltkrieg) first appeared in Germany in 1914. The French and British referred to the war as "La Grande ...

  3. The First World War was fought from 1914 to 1918. More than 650,000 Canadians and Newfoundlanders served in this war, then called The Great War. More than 66,000 of our service members gave their lives and more than 172,000 were wounded. Their contributions and sacrifices earned Canada a separate signature on the Treaty of Versailles.

  4. 09/04/2007 · By the time the First World War ended in 1918, eight million people had died in what had been perhaps the most apocalyptic episode the world had known.This Very Short Introduction provides a concise and insightful history of the Great War--from the state of Europe in 1914, to the role of the US, the collapse of Russia, and the eventual surrender of the Central Powers.

  5. 08/07/2014 · The Changes resulting from the First World War. The human cost of the First World War was horrendous. More than 16 million people, both military and civilian, died in the war. An entire generation of young men was wiped away. In 1919, the year after the war was over in France, there were 15 women for every man between the ages of 18 and 30.

  6. 18/06/2022 · Book description. Volume 2 of The Cambridge History of the First World War offers a history of the war from a predominantly political angle and concerns itself with the story of the state. It explores the multifaceted history of state power and highlights the ways in which different political systems responded to, and were deformed by, the near ...

  7. Persia (now Iran) is little-known as a theatre of the First World War, but events there influenced global politics in the years following the war. Although Persia declared its neutrality in 1914, it was too important strategically for Britain, Russia, the Ottoman Empire and Germany to leave it alone and as a British diplomat wrote, ‘ Persia ...

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    relacionado con: the first world war
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