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  1. 3 de feb. de 2015 · The Mist movie clips: THE MOVIE:'t miss the HOTTEST NEW TRAILERS: DESCRIPTION:While t...

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    Due to the doors of King's Pharmacy being left propped open when the Mistreached the pharmacy, the pharmacy patrons were smelled out by a pack of Gray Widowers which proceeded to overrun the pharmacy and slaughter the patrons. About a day later, when an expedition of survivors from the nextdoor Grocery Store arrive for medical supplies, they are attacked by the Gray Widowers, which use the Mist as camouflage and their acidic webbing as projectiles. The Gray Widowers manage to kill three of th...


    Gray Widowers apparently attacked the Draytons' home when the Mist reached it, killing Stephanieand cocooning her body to the broken window in web silk. As the doors of King's Pharmacy were propped open when the Mist reached it, the pharmacy patrons were smelled out by a pack of Gray Widowers which proceeded to overrun the pharmacy and capture and cocoon the patrons in cobweb-like webs. They killed all the patrons except for the MP, whom they used as a host for Gray Widowletts and laid thousa...


    The Gray Widowers are described as black with yellow piping, 12-14 multiple-jointed legs, promegranate-like, pinkish-red eyes and appearing similar, yet almost entirely different, to spiders. They can also fire strands of their corrosive webbing as projectiles from the oval-shaped orifice on the upper-belly, and produce low, vibrational, mewling noises.


    In the film, the Gray Widowers are greyish with eight spiny legs, long, thin spines, a wasp-like abdomen, four eyes, a spiny, insect-like thorax, and a skull-like head. They also produce vocal sounds ranging from low, vibrational growls to high, piercing shrieks. Like in the novella, they can produce corrosive web strands and fire them as projectiles, but they can also lay eggs in living hosts. These eggs will appear as thousands of bulging boils on the host's skin, which each burst open afte...

    In the film, the Gray Widowers have a parasitic life cycle: they capture living hosts and lay thousands of eggs under each one's skin. After about a day, the eggs hatch into thousands of Gray Widowletts which eat their way out of the host's skin, killing it.

    The Gray Widowers' acidic webbing appears to be based off the corrosive blood of the Xenomorphs from Alienand its sequels.
    The pharmacy scene in the film is clearly based off a scene from Aliens.
    The music of this creatures is slightly similar to Bugs and Tentacle.
    The Gray Widowers were similar to Scroop from Treasure Planet.
  2. The spider creatures' burning corpses (to the left and right of the military rescue convoy). The Giant Spider Creatures are large, spider-like creatures, much like Gray Widowers, but each about the size of a car. Only their burning corpses appeared in the film.

  3. A small group led by David goes to the neighboring pharmacy in search of medical supplies but is attacked by giant spiders that kill two men, forcing them to retreat.

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  4. 21 de nov. de 2007 · The Mist: Directed by Frank Darabont. With Thomas Jane, Marcia Gay Harden, Laurie Holden, Andre Braugher. A freak storm unleashes a species of bloodthirsty creatures on a small town, where a small band of citizens hole up in a supermarket and fight for their lives.

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  5. The Mist 2007 8. In the pharmacy. Giant spiders and their human cocoons. Spiders inside human cocoonsOriginal name: The Mist (also known as Stephen King's Th...

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  6. 23 de nov. de 2013 · Composed by Mark Isham.The Mist - A movie by Franck Darabont - 2007All rights reserved by their owners.

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