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  1. The Psychology of Management: The Function of the Mind in Determining, Teaching, and Installing Methods of Least Waste is a book written by Lillian Gilbreth which investigates the psychological aspects of scientific management, incorporating concepts of human relations and worker individuality into management principles.

    • Lillian Moller Gilbreth
    • 1914
  2. 28 de jun. de 2018 · The Psychology of Management L.M. Gilbreth fitted to occupy the attention of the beginner, as well as the more experienced, because it is a most excellent place to start the study of...

  3. Definition of Psychology of Management — Importance of the Subject — Purpose of this Book — Definition of Management — The Three Types of Management — Possible Psychological Studies of Management — Plan of Psychological Study Here Used — Underlying Ideas or Divisions of Scientific Management — Outline of Method of Investigation ...

  4. The Psychology of Management. L. M. Gilbreth. Independently Published, Jan 23, 2021 - 249 pages. Book Excerpt: ...fitted to occupy the attention of the beginner, as well as the more...

  5. Managerial Psychology | Sloan School of Management | MIT OpenCourseWare. Course Description. This course introduces you to behavioral science theories, methods, and tools and provides opportunities to use and apply them to problems you will encounter in your work and career.

  6. Managerial psychology is a sub-discipline of industrial and organizational psychology that focuses on the effectiveness of individuals and groups in the workplace, using behavioral science.

  7. This 3rd edition of Journal of Management & Organization for 2017 specifically examines some of this depth and breadth through nine papers, which each contribute a distinct view as to the direct link between human behaviour and organizational processes, operations and outcomes.