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  1. The Tall Men is a 1955 American western film directed by Raoul Walsh, starring Clark Gable, Jane Russell and Robert Ryan. The 20th Century Fox DeLuxe Color film was produced by William A. Bacher and William B. Hawks. Sydney Boehm and Frank S. Nugent wrote the screenplay, based on a novel by Heck Allen (as Clay Fisher).

  2. Tall in the Saddle is a 1944 American Western film directed by Edwin L. Marin and starring John Wayne and Ella Raines.Written by Paul Fix and Michael Hogan, based on the serialized novel of the same name by Gordon Ray Young, the film is about a tough quiet cowboy who arrives at an Arizona town and discovers that the rancher who hired him has been murdered and that the kindhearted young woman ...

  3. The entire movie’s plot wouldn’t have happened if Bart didn’t laugh at Homer getting that hammer stuck in his eye. Four Is Death: Russ Cargill presents a series of folders to the president, each of which is numbered and contains a possible course of action to deal with the Springfield crisis. The option to blow-up Springfield is Option No. 4.

  4. The Rifleman: With Chuck Connors, Johnny Crawford, Paul Fix, Joe Benson. The adventures of a Wild West rancher, wielding a customized rapid-fire Winchester rifle, and his son.

  5. 06/06/2018 · The western story, in its most usual forms, represents the American version of the ever appealing oldest of man’s legends about himself, that of the sun-god hero, the all-conquering valiant who strides through dangers undaunted, righting wrongs, defeating villains, rescuing the fair and the weak and the helpless — and the western story does this […]

  6. Basil Karlo is considered one in-universe, complete having starred in a Stylistic Suck B-Movie Parody in which he hams like you wouldn't believe. Becoming Clayface only made it worse, really. Laser-Guided Karma : In TBvD , when Joker shocks Penguin with two joy-buzzers and tosses him in the river, Penguin recovers just in time to see Batman swing after a retreating Joker.

  7. 13/10/2011 · In this fever dream of a movie by Kirill Serebrennikov, a Russian man wanders a wild urban landscape that he regularly hallucinates his way out of. By Manohla Dargis Patricio Guzmán, Chile’s ...