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  1. 信頼できない語り手(しんらいできないかたりて、英語: Unreliable narrator )は、小説や映画などで物語を進める手法の一つ(叙述トリックの一種)で、語り手(ナレーター、語り部)の信頼性を著しく低いものにすることにより、読者や観客を惑わせたりミスリードしたりするものである 。

  2. Wayne C. Booth (1921-2005) was an American literary critic who first coined the term ‘unreliable narrator’ in his text The Rhetoric of Fiction (1961). Booth believed that a work of fiction does not have to represent reality or include truth all the way through the text, as are typical literary rules.

  3. Achmed of Achmed Saves America was considered as one at some point until he got a change of heart from the celebration of Americaville’s 100th birthday; All Dogs Go to Heaven: While he doesn't do anything particularly evil and is very polite (so much so that he almost feels like a Designated Villain Protagonist) according to Charlie Barkin's life book in heaven, which involves every moment ...

  4. He performed as the narrator in "Good Morning, America" by Elinor Remick Warren—Cambria CD #1042 (1993). Zimbalist wrote an autobiography, My Dinner of Herbs, published by Limelight Editions, New York. In 2008, he appeared in the short film The Delivery, in which he played a professor who helps a young girl in her struggles for literacy.

  5. This doubles as Unreliable Narrator, as Arthur actually used to date Sally Boyle, though he could be bisexual. They Came From Below Breather Episode : For a game built around drug abuse, censorship, societal collapse, child endangerment, war, and general Mind Screw iness , They Came From Below is definitely on the wackier side of things.

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