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  1. 06/01/2020 · "Second, the term 'second language' is used to refer to the level of language command in comparison with a primary or dominant language. In this second sense, 'second language' indicates a lower level of actual or believed proficiency. Hence 'second' means also 'weaker' or 'secondary.'" (H. H. Stern, Fundamental Concepts of Language Teaching.

    • Richard Nordquist
    • English And Rhetoric Professor
  2. 26/04/2022 · A second language is a language that is learned in addition to a person's mother tongue, or first language. English is the second language learned by most people worldwide. These languages may be acquired by absorption, because it is spoken in the home, or actively pursued by taking courses. The more the language differs from a person's mother tongue in terms of alphabet and grammar, the more difficult it will be to learn.

  3. Definition of second language noun a language learned by a person after his or her native language, especially as a resident of an area where it is in general use. a language widely used, especially in educational and governmental functions in a region where all or most of its speakers are nonnative, as English in India or Nigeria. QUIZ

  4. Definition of second language. : a language that is learned in addition to the language a person first learned as a young child.