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  1. From January 1st to December 31st 1906 given as follows: Jan 1 Dutch law makes driver's license mandatory • Jan 1 The poll tax of £1 per head on all adult male inhabitants of Natal, South Africa, except indentured Indians and married Blacks, imposed by the Natal parliament in 1905, becomes payable. Historic Invention

  2. The 1906 San Francisco Earthquake Triggered Rapid Geologic Advancement. ... but this doesn't stop two 100-year floods from happening back to back and then none for several hundred years.

  3. On April 18, 1906, the Great San Francisco Earthquake devastated the entire city, killing 3,000 people and igniting massive fires that burned for days. It’s been over a century since the 1906 San Francisco earthquake tore the city apart, but the shock waves from this catastrophe still reverberate across time.

  4. Famous Birthdays on April in 1906. 1st » Alexander Sergeyevich Yakovlev, Russian engineer, founded the Yakovlev named Yakovlev Design Bureau (d. 1989) 2nd » Alphonse-Marie Parent, Canadian priest and educator (d. 1970) 4th » Bea Benaderet, American actress (d. 1968) 4th » John Cameron Swayze, American journalist (d. 1995)

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    What happened before 1906?

    Here is how the calendar looked in 1906. We marked some of the dates we thought worthy of special note. That is where we’re headed, but in this chapter we want to go back still farther in time to get the settings where our story takes shape. How could we care about what happened so long ago? It is a part of our history, yes, but it is also a part of our present. Holiness Associations were formed in the late 1800s to promote the teaching of holiness among Christians. It was local at first and...

    What happened in 1906?

    January 1was the fifth anniversary of the Apostolic Faith. Besides that, we have nothing for sure with a January date on it. Bible school ended in Houston, Texas and, as far as we know, Parham returned to Baxter Springs, Kansas where he had established his headquarters. Some would say it was at a later date that he left Texas. Carothers was in charge of the Apostolic Faith work in Texas. The Welsh revival was winding down about this time. The Apostolic Faith was isolated from other churches....

    What happened in 1907?

    Jan. 6Elsie Ott receives her baptism in the second meeting she attends. Bro. Bourcey and Sis. Crawford were praying for her as she worked her way forward; first standing, then sitting on the lap of a lady who was fortunate enough to have a chair, and finally lunging at a spot someone vacated at the altar. Elsie Ott reported that the crowds were so large they would “fill the hall and jam the aisles, and crowds would be standing clear out into the street. Finally the police would come in and cl...

    What happened 1908 to 1915 ?

    Sis. Crawford moved to Portland bringing Sis. Lum and the Apostolic Faith paper with her. The hall at First and Madison was abandoned at the start of camp meeting, 1908, just as the one at Second and Main had been a year earlier. After a three-month camp meeting in the Mt. Tabor area, church was opened at a new location, Front and Burnside. That would be the Portland Headquarters for the next fourteen years. No more looking for a new hall after each camp meeting. Bro. Ray was saved October 18...

    A History of Camp Meetings

    Pastor Glassco held a holiness camp meeting at 12th and Division Street in Portland in 1906. In 1907 Pastor Hanson of Dallas, Oregon joined him in a Pentecostal camp meeting at the same location. Sister Crawford arrived in Portland before that camp meeting began and stayed for a part of the camp meeting before returning home to Los Angeles. Before the 1908 Mount Tabor camp meeting, two important events occurred; Sister Crawford moved to Portland and Pastor Glassco resigned as pastor in defere...


    In summary, we see that on January 1, 1901, Mrs. Agnes (Ozman) La Berge, with a few of her companions present, prayed that she might receive the Holy Ghost if she had not done so when she was sanctified. She and her companions had been involved in prayer and Bible studies for about ten weeks. It was just a little past midnight when their prayers were answered. After being baptized with the Holy Ghost, she began to pray in another language. Rev. Charles Parham, leader of the Bible school where...


    In early 1906, Seymour was asked to come to Los Angeles as pastor of a holiness church there. When he arrived and began preaching, as he had been taught at the Apostolic Faith in Houston, Mrs. Hutchins, leader of the group, rejected him as pastor and locked him out of the church. Instead of returning to Houston, Seymour began holding cottage prayer meetings in the home of Richard and Ruth Asbery. There, on April 9, 1906, several black women were baptized with the Holy Ghost and spoke in other...