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  1. 04/01/2022 · His son Solomon succeeded him as king” (1 Chronicles 29:26–28). Before he died, King David gave a charge to Solomon, telling his son to “acknowledge the God of your father, and serve him with wholehearted devotion and with a willing mind, for the LORD searches every heart and understands every desire and every thought.

  2. 27/11/2021 · That theory — perhaps the most mythologized — remains, like all the others, uncertain. The question of how did Elvis die remains at least somewhat shrouded in mystery. But no matter the extent that drugs, diet, or even defecation played in his death, it’s sad to say that the King of Rock and Roll suffered a tragically ignoble end.

  3. King David encouraged his son to walk with God with all his heart and soul. He did not say “obey” but “walk with.” David’s focus was the success of the kingdom, but it also appears that he was trying to encourage Solomon to develop a relationship with God – not just sterile obedience.

  4. 16/04/2021 · Edward wanted to marry American divorcée Wallis Simpson, but as King he was head of the Church of England, which at that time did not allow divorced people to remarry. Rather than abandon his plans to wed Simpson, he chose to abdicate in favour of Albert, who became King in his place on December 11, 1936, under the name of George VI.

  5. 23/12/2010 · 5BC–AD33. Christians celebrate Christmas and Easter every year, but few know when Jesus was actually born and when he died. Not that any great doctrine rests on the calculations below, but it sure is nice that we can have reasonable confidence that the dates of Jesus’ birth and death are secure and can be gleaned from a combination of biblical and extrabiblical historical data.

  6. 13/02/2020 · It will remain sealed until 2027, fifty years after The King's death. After Elvis died, thousands of fans traveled to Memphis, causing traffic jams and other problems. The National Guard was called into the city in the days surrounding his funeral, which took place on August 18, 1977.

  7. 30/03/2020 · When and how did Michael Jackson die? In his testimony, Michael Jackson's personal physician Conrad Murray said he found the singer in bed and not breathing on the afternoon of June 25, 2009. The pop legend had been rehearsing past midnight on the night of June 24, ahead of a series of comeback concerts at the London O2 Arena, and had not left his bedroom in the morning.