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    Jack Patrick Dorsey (born November 19, 1976) is an American Internet entrepreneur, programmer, and philanthropist who is the co-founder and former CEO of Twitter, Inc., as well as the founder and principal executive officer of Block, Inc., a financial payments company.

  2. Wikipedia co-founder Larry Sanger stated in a 2012 article that "Professionals are no longer needed for the bare purpose of the mass distribution of information and the shaping of opinion." Sanger's article confronts the existence of "common knowledge" and pits it against the knowledge that everyone agrees on.

  3. Các nhân vật chính là Giám đốc điều hành Bomis, Jimmy Wales và Larry Sanger – tổng biên tập của Nupedia và Wikipedia sau này. [22] [23] Ban đầu Nupedia được cấp phép theo Giấy phép Nội dung Mở Nupedia của riêng mình, nhưng sau đó đã chuyển sang Giấy phép Tài liệu Tự do GNU do Richard Stallman thúc giục (lúc này Wikipedia chưa ...

  4. Jimmy Donal Wales, surnommé Jimbo Wales [2], est un homme d'affaires américain, né le 8 août 1966 [1], [3] à Huntsville en Alabama, aux États-Unis.. Il est le fondateur du portail web américain Bomis et cofondateur avec Larry Sanger de l'encyclopédie libre et gratuite du web Wikipédia (jouant également un rôle dans la galaxie Wikimedia à laquelle appartient Wikipédia), ainsi que d ...

  5. Co-founder Larry Sanger later acknowledged that Wikipedia does not follow its own neutrality policy. [5] Critics of Wikipedia state that Wikipedia's articles contain systemic bias , [6] and that the information included within its articles are a mixture of truths, half-truths , and falsehoods.