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  1. William de Braose, (o William de Briouze ), IV Lord de Bramber (1144/1153 - 9 de agosto de 1211), favorito de la corte de Juan I de Inglaterra, en la cumbre de su poder, fue también Señor de Gower, Abergavenny, Brecknock, Builth, Radnor, Kington, Limerick, Glamorgan, Skenfrith, Briouze en Normandía, Grosmont, y White Castle. Índice 1 Linaje

  2. William de Braose, (or William de Briouze ), 4th Lord of Bramber (1144/1153 – 9 August 1211), court favourite of King John of England, at the peak of his power, was also Lord of Gower, Abergavenny, Brecknock, Builth, Radnor, Kington, Limerick, Glamorgan, Skenfrith, Briouze in Normandy, Grosmont and White Castle . Contents 1 Lineage

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    William de Braose, First Lord of Bramber was previously lord of Briouze, Normandy. He was granted lands in England by William the Conqueror soon after he and his followers had invaded and controlled Saxon England.

    Braose had been given extensive lands in Sussex by 1073. He became feudal baron of the Rape of Bramber where he built Bramber Castle. Braose was also awarded lands around Wareham and Corfe in Dorset, two manors in Surrey, Southcote in Berkshire and Downton in Wiltshire, and became one of the most powerful of the new feudal barons of the early Norma...

    Braose built a bridge at Bramber and demanded tolls from ships travelling further along the river to the busy port at Steyning. The monks challenged this, and they also disputed Braose's right to bury people in the churchyard of his new church of Saint Nicholas at Bramber, demanding the burial fees for themselves, despite the church's having been b...

    William de Braose was succeeded as Lord of Bramber by his son, Philip de Braose, and started an important Anglo-Norman dynasty.

    William de Braose was present in 1093 at the consecration of a church in Briouze, his manor of origin whence originates his family name, thus he was still alive in that year. However, his son Philip was issuing charters as Lord of Bramber in 1096, indicating that William de Braose died sometime between 1093 and 1096.

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    William de Braose, was the first Baron Braose, as well as Lord of Gower and Lord of Bramber.

    Braose was the son of John de Braose, the Lord of Bramber and Gower and John's wife Margaret, the daughter of Llywelyn the Great, prince of Gwynedd. These members of the Braose family were all descendants of William de Braose, who died around 1093 and was the Domesday tenant of Bramber. His family had its origins at Briouze in Normandy. Braose's fa...

    He served King Henry III of England and Henry's son Edward I as a councilor and in various councils. He sided with King Henry against Simon de Montfort during the civil war in England in the later part of Henry's reign. Braose was a benefactor of Sele Priory, with surviving charters recording the grant of a large estate in Crockhurst, Sussex to the...

    Braose married three times. His first wife was Aline, daughter of Thomas de Multon. His second was Agnes, daughter of Nicholas de Moeles. His third wife was Mary, daughter of Robert de Ros. He died at Findon in Sussex shortly before 6 January 1291. He was buried at Sele Priory in Sussex on 15 January. Braose's son, William de Braose, 2nd Baron Brao...

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    William de Braose was the son of Reginald de Braose by his first wife, Grecia Briwere. He was an ill-fated member of the House of Braose, a powerful and long-lived dynasty of Marcher Lords.

    William de Braose was born in Brecon, probably between 1197 and 1204. The Welsh, who detested him and his family name, called him Gwilym Ddu, Black William. He succeeded his father in his various lordships in 1227, including Abergavenny and Buellt. William married Eva Marshal, daughter of William Marshal, 1st Earl of Pembroke. They had four daughte...

    With William's death by hanging and his having four daughters, who divided the de Braose inheritance between them and no male heir, the titles now passed to the junior branch of the de Braose dynasty, the only male heir was now John de Braose who had already inherited the titles of Gower and Bramber from his far-sighted uncle Reginald de Braose.

  3. 22/01/2019 · William de Braose, 3rd Lord of Bramber (fl. 1135–1179) was a 12th-century Marcher lord who secured a foundation for the dominant position later held by the Braose family in the Welsh Marches. In addition to the family's English holdings in Sussex and Devon, William had inherited Radnor and Builth, in Wales, from his father Philip.

  4. 08/02/2021 · William (Braose) de Braose (abt. 1049 - abt. 1095) William de Braose formerly Braose aka de Briouze Born about 1049 in Briouze, Normandy, France Son of [father unknown] and [mother unknown] [sibling (s) unknown] Husband of Agnes (St Clair) de Braose — married about 1075 [location unknown] Descendants