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  1. Hace 2 días · United Kingdom - William Pitt, Prime Minister, Reforms: Pitt lived and died a bachelor, totally obsessed with political office. He was clever, single-minded, confident of his own abilities, and a natural politician. But perhaps his greatest asset in the early 1780s was his youth.

  2. 5 de jul. de 2024 · William Pitt, the Younger (born May 28, 1759, Hayes, Kent, England—died January 23, 1806, London) was a British prime minister (1783–1801, 1804–06) during the French Revolutionary and Napoleonic wars. He had considerable influence in strengthening the office of the prime minister.

  3. 27 de jun. de 2024 · Los propietarios de las tiendas dejaron libres a propósito los pisos superiores, atrayendo a personajes como Jonathan Swift, William Pitt el Viejo, el almirante Horatio Nelson y George Selwyn. Incluso la escandalosamente popular Georgiana Cavendish, duquesa de Devonshire, prefería sus tiendas a las de Covent Garden.

  4. 3 de jul. de 2024 · William Pitt the Younger, who served as Prime Minister in the late 18th and early 19th centuries, was known for his fondness for port wine. Port, a fortified wine from the Douro Valley in...

  5. Hace 2 días · Sin embargo, Pitt, sintiéndose incómodo por la diferencia de edad entre él y DiCaprio, decidió apartarse del papel. En una entrevista con la revista Interview en 2007, Pitt reveló sus razones: "Desarrollé la película durante dos años y medio. Luchamos por esta película y luego conseguimos que William Monahan hiciera el guion.

  6. 5 de jul. de 2024 · William Pitt, the Younger - Prime Minister, Reforms, War: Pitt’s second ministry was weaker than the first, for the Addington group, as well as others, went into opposition. The Third Coalition against Napoleon’s France—an alliance with Russia, Sweden, and Austria engineered by Pitt—collapsed after the battles of Ulm and ...

  7. Hace 3 días · Henry Temple's father took him to the House of Commons in 1799, where the young Palmerston shook hands with the prime minister, William Pitt the Younger. Temple was then at the University of Edinburgh (1800–1803), where he learnt political economy from Dugald Stewart, a friend of the Scottish philosophers Adam Ferguson and Adam Smith.