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  1. Margaret Woodrow Wilson (April 16, 1886 – February 12, 1944) was the eldest child of President Woodrow Wilson and Ellen Louise Axson. Her two siblings were Jessie and Eleanor. After her mother's death in 1914, Margaret served her father as the White House social hostess, the title later known as first lady. Her father remarried in 1915.

  2. Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points Discussion Questions: 1. What was the goal of Woodrow Wilson’s Fourteen Points? Wilson’s main goal was to establish a peace plan for Europe. 2. How did progressivism influence Wilson’s speech? Wilson was convinced progressive policies were responsible for positive domestic reforms in the United States.

  3. 12/10/2017 · Why Woodrow Wilson Is America's Worst President Ever . ... including a 14 percent GDP growth rate in ... But Buchanan’s failed presidency points to what may be a pertinent distinction in ...

  4. The 14 Points inspired the peoples of the Allied Nations and gave them hope that another great war could be prevented. When Wilson traveled to Europe in late 1918 to attend the Paris Peace Conference, he was met by crowds numbering in the millions in Britain, France and Italy.

  5. On January 8, 1918, President Woodrow Wilson gave a speech to Congress that outlined Fourteen Points for peace and the end to World War I. Wilson wanted lasting peace and for World War I to be the "war to end all wars."

  6. U.S. President Woodrow Wilson was an early advocate of this philosophy. Fourteen Points: A statement of principles used for peace negotiations to end World War I. The principles were outlined in a January 8, 1918, speech on war aims and peace terms to the United States Congress by President Woodrow Wilson.

  7. 17/12/2021 · Woodrow Wilson's Maddex McMillen tries to get the ball past Greenbrier ... when Aaron Griffith made a pair of free throws to give East a 65-63 lead with 14.1 ... who had 18 points in ...