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  1. 1117 fue un año común comenzado en lunes del calendario juliano. Acontecimientos. 3 de enero: en Italia, un terremoto de 6,4 grados en la escala sismológica de ...

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    Vladislaus I, duke of Bohemia, abdicates in favor of his brother Bořivoj II, but retains much of the actual power. The Almoravids briefly reconquer Coimbra (modern Portugal ). 3 January - 1117 Verona earthquake. The earthquake was rated at VII ( Very strong) on the Mercalli intensity scale, and struck northern Italy and Germany.

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    1117 Reginita is a stony background asteroid from the inner regions of the asteroid belt. It was discovered on 24 May 1927, by Catalan astronomer Josep Comas i Solà at the Fabra Observatory in Barcelona, Spain, who named it after his niece. The bright S-type asteroid has a notably short rotation period of 2.9 hours and measures approximately 10 kilometers in diameter.

    Reginita is a non-family asteroid of the main belt's background population when applying the hierarchical clustering method to its proper orbital elements. It orbits the Sun in the inner asteroid belt at a distance of 1.8–2.7 AU once every 3 years and 4 months. Its orbit has an eccentricity of 0.20 and an inclination of 4° with respect to the ecliptic. The asteroid was first observed as A904 TA at Heidelberg Observatory in October 1904. The body's observation arc also begins at ...

    This minor planet was named after the niece of the discoverer. The naming was mentioned in The Names of the Minor Planets by Paul Herget in 1955.

    In the Tholen classification, Reginita is a common, stony S-type asteroid.

    • Fabra Obs.
    • 3.37 yr (1,231 days)
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    1117 n'otros calendarios; Calendariu gregorianu: 1117 MCXVII: Ab urbe condita: 1870 Calendariu armeniu: 566 Calendariu chinu: 3813 – 3814 Calendariu hebréu

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    1. Conflict between the independent republics of Mahdia and Gabes in Ifriqiya. Madhia is supported by the Zirid dynasty while Gabes receives the aid of the Roger I of Sicily.


    1. Pelusium is destroyed by Baldwin I of Jerusalem. 2. Miidera and the sohei of Enryakuji attack Nara, Japan.


    1. Borivoj II of Bohemia becomes prince in place of Vladislav I of Bohemia. 2. The people of Santiago de Compostela (present-day Spain) try to burn their prelatein his palace, along with the queen. 3. Icelandends slavery. 4. Short-lived Almoravid reconquest of Coimbra (Portugal).


    1. May 3 – Merton Priory (Thomas BecketSchool) is consecrated.


    1. The earliest use of a compassfor navigational purposes is recorded.

    April 16 – Saint Magnus, Earl of Orkney(executed)
    December 9 – Gertrud of Brunswick, Markgräfin of Meißen
    Ivo of Chartres, French canon lawyer (b. 1040)
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