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  1. Origen. El reino de Ghana surgió a partir de los relativamente pequeños asentamientos agro-pastorales del siglo IV en la región conocida como Awkar.Entre los años 750 a 800, un pueblo de lengua mandé, conocido como los soninké, unido bajo Majan Dyabe Cisse o Dinga Cisse, el primer rey guerrero, dominó Awkar (aún hoy el apellido Cisse es prominente en la política de Mauritania y Malí).

  2. A state taxing authority may require that a copy of the Form 1120S return be submitted to the state with the state income tax return. Some states such as New York and New Jersey require a separate state-level S election in order for the corporation to be treated, for state tax purposes, as an S corporation. California

  3. Patrick of Salisbury, 1st Earl of Salisbury (c. 1122 – 1168) was an Anglo-Norman nobleman, and the uncle of the famous William Marshal.. His parents were Walter of Salisbury and Sibyl de Chaworth.

  4. 13/08/2020 · Eustache [I] emerged as comte de Boulogne in the 1040s, and Boulogne continued to be held by his family until the 1120s, when it passed by marriage to a branch of the counts of Blois (see Part B below).