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    Birmingham (/ ˈ b ɜːr m ɪ ŋ ə m / BUR-ming-əm) is a city and metropolitan borough in the West Midlands, England.It is the second-largest city, urban area and metropolitan area in both England and the United Kingdom, with roughly 1.1 million inhabitants within the city area, 2.8 million inhabitants within the urban area, and 3.6 million inhabitants within the metropolitan area.

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  2. Birmingham ( /ˈbɜːmɪŋəm/) es una ciudad y un municipio metropolitano perteneciente al condado de las Tierras Medias Occidentales, en la región de las Tierras Medias Occidentales de Inglaterra en el Reino Unido. Por su población, se considera la segunda ciudad más importante y poblada del país después de Londres.

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    Hay muchas maneras de llegar a Birmingham. El área está cubierta por el Aeropuerto Internacional Birmingham-Shuttlesworth. Es el aeropuerto más grande del estado y uno de los de mayor tráfico del sur de los Estados Unidos. 3 millones de personas lo transitan cada año. El aeropuerto ofrece 160 vuelos cada día a más de 37 ciudades en los Estados Unidosy el mundo.

    Las Escuelas de la Ciudad de Birmingham gestiona escuelas públicas. Además, en la ciudad de Birminghan es famosa por su producción de hierro y de carbón, y desde los años 50, el emblema de la ciudad eran la compañía Altos hornos Sloss, que produjo más de un millón de empleos a ciudadanos en paro. Durante todos los años que estuvo en funcionamiento, la educación era inexistente, y los altos hornos Sloss eran una de las compañías de fabricación de metales y carbón más potentes del mundo, hasta su abandono.

    Carl Lewis, en 1961, exatletaespecialista en pruebas de velocidad y salto de longitud.
    Condoleezza Rice, en 1954, 66° secretaria de Estado de los Estados Unidos.
    Courteney Cox, en 1964, es una actriz, modelo, productora de televisión y directora de cine estadounidense.
    Al Karak, Jordania.
    Anshan, Liaoning, China.
    Distrito de Chaoyang, Pekín, China.
    Guédiawaye, Región de Dakar, Senegal.
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    Founding and early growth

    Birmingham was founded on June 1, 1871, by the Elyton Land Company whose investors included cotton planters, bankers and railroad entrepreneurs. It sold lots near the planned crossing of the Alabama & Chattanooga and South & North Alabama railroads including land formerly a part of the Benjamin P. Worthington Plantation. The first business at that crossroads was the trading post and country store operated by Marre & Allen. The site of the railroad crossing was notable for the nearby deposits...

    Birmingham civil rights movement

    In the 1950s and 1960s Birmingham received national and international attention as a center of the civil rights struggle for African-Americans. Locally the movement's activists were led by Fred Shuttlesworth, a fiery preacher who became legendary for his fearlessness in the face of violence, notably a string of racially motivated bombings that earned Birmingham the derisive nickname "Bombingham". A watershed in the civil rights movement occurred in 1963 when Shuttlesworth requested that Marti...

    Recent history

    In the 1970s urban-renewal efforts focused around the development of the University of Alabama at Birmingham, which developed into a major medical and research center. In 1971 Birmingham celebrated its centennial with a round of public-works improvements, including the upgrading of Vulcan Park and the construction of a major downtown convention center containing a 2,500-seat symphony hall, theater, 19,000-seat arena and exhibition halls. Birmingham's banking institutions enjoyed considerable...


    Birmingham occupies Jones Valley, flanked by long parallel mountain ridges (the tailing ends of the Appalachian foothills – see Ridge-and-Valley Appalachians) running from north-east to south-west. The valley is drained by small creeks (Village Creek, Valley Creek) which flow into the Black Warrior River. The valley was bisected by the principal railroad corridor, along which most of the early manufacturing operations began. Red Mountain lies immediately south of downtown. Many of Birmingham'...

    Surrounding suburbs

    Birmingham has an abundance of suburbs. Most of the metropolitan area lives outside of the city itself. In 2007, the metropolitan area was made up of 7 counties, 102 cities, and 21 school districts. Since then Alabaster and Pelham have broken away from the Shelby County School Systemto form their own school systems. Some argue that the region suffers from having so many suburbs because companies can receive large incentives to move a short distance to another city, with no net gain in the are...


    Birmingham has a humid subtropical climate, characterized by hot summers, mild winters, and abundant rainfall. January has a daily mean temperature of 43.8 °F (6.6 °C), and there is an average of 47 days annually with a low at or below freezing, and 1.4 where the high does not surpass freezing. July has a daily mean temperature of 81.1 °F (27.3 °C); highs reach or exceed 90 °F (32 °C) on 65 days per year and 100 °F (38 °C) on 2. Precipitation is relatively well-distributed throughout the year...

    2020 census

    As of the 2020 United States census, there were 200,733 people, 93,300 households, and 46,816 families residing in the city. 2010 According to the 2010 U.S. Census: 1. 73.4% African American (Black) 2. 22.3% Caucasian (White) 3. 0.2% Native American 4. 1.0% Asian 5. 0.0% Native Hawaiian or Pacific Islander 6. 1.0% Two or more races 7. 2.1% Other races 8. 3.6% Hispanic or Latino(of any race) 2000 Based on the 2000 census, there were 242,820 people, 98,782 households, and 59,269 families residi...


    The Association of Statisticians of American Religious Bodies published data showing that in 2010, among metro areas with a greater than one million population, Birmingham had the second highest ratio of Christians, and the greatest ratio of Protestantadherents, in the United States. The Southern Baptist Convention has 673 congregations and 336,000 members in the Birmingham Metro area. The United Methodists have 196 congregations and 66,759 members. The headquarters of the Presbyterian Church...

    From Birmingham's early days onward, the steel industry has always played a crucial role in the local economy. Though the steel industry no longer has the same prominence it once held in Birmingham, steel production and processing continue to play a key role in the economy. Steel products manufacturers American Cast Iron Pipe Company (ACIPCO) and McWane are based in the city. Several of the nation's largest steelmakers, including CMC Steel, U.S. Steel, and Nucor, also have a major presence in Birmingham. In recent years, local steel companies have announced about $100 million worth of investment in expansions and new plants in and around the city. Vulcan Materials Company, a major provider of crushed stone, sand, and gravel used in construction, is also based in Birmingham. In the 1970s and 1980s, Birmingham's economy was transformed by investments in bio-technology and medical research at the University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) and its adjacent hospital. The UAB Hospital is a...

    Birmingham is the cultural and entertainment capital of Alabama with numerous art galleries in the area including the Birmingham Museum of Art, the largest art museum in the Southeast. Downtown Birmingham is currently experiencing a cultural and economic rejuvenation, with several new independent shops and restaurants opening in the area. Birmingham is also home to the state's major ballet, opera, and symphony orchestra companies such the Alabama Ballet, Alabama Symphony Orchestra, Birmingham Ballet, Birmingham Concert Chorale, and Opera Birmingham. 1. The historic Alabama Theatrehosts film screenings, concerts and performances. 2. The Alys Stephens Center for the Performing Arts is home to Alabama Symphony Orchestra and Opera Birminghamas well as several series of concerts and lectures. It is located on the campus of the University of Alabama at Birmingham. 3. The Birmingham-Jefferson Convention Complex (BJCC), houses a theater, concert hall, exhibition halls, and a sports and conc...

    Birmingham has no major professional sport franchises. The Birmingham area is home to the Birmingham Barons, the AA minor league affiliate of the Chicago White Sox, which plays at Regions Field in...
    March 6–8, 2009 Birmingham hosted the U.S.A vs. Switzerland first round tie of the Davis Cup. In which, U.S. won 4–1.
    Birmingham was home to the Black Barons, a very successful Negro League team. The Black Barons played home games at Rickwood Field, which is still standing in the Rising-West Princeton neighborhood...
    The city has had several pro football franchises. The only pro football team currently in Birmingham is the Alabama Outlawz of X-League Indoor Football. Other teams included the two-time champion W...

    Birmingham has a strong-mayor variant mayor-council form of government, led by a mayor and a nine-member city council. The current system replaced the previous city commission government in 1962 (primarily as a way to remove Commissioner of Public Safety Eugene "Bull" Connorfrom power). By Alabama law, an issue before a city council must be approved by a two-thirds majority vote (Act No. 452, Ala. Acts 1955, as supplemented by Act No. 294, Ala. Acts 1965). Executive powers are held entirely by the Mayor's Office. Birmingham's current Mayor is William A. Bell. Mayor Bell, who previously served as interim Mayor in 1999, won a special election on January 19, 2010, to fill the unexpired term of former Mayor Larry Langford. Langford was removed from office after being convicted of federal corruption charges on October 28, 2009. In 1974 Birmingham established a structured network of neighborhood associations and community advisory committees to insure public participation in governmental...

    The city of Birmingham is served by the Birmingham City Schools system. It is run by the Birmingham Board of Education with a current active enrollment of 30,500 in 62 schools: seven high schools, 13 middle schools, 33 elementary schools, and nine kindergarten-eighth-grade primary schools. The Birmingham Public Library administers 21 branches throughout the city and is part of a wider system including another 19 suburban branches in Jefferson County, serving the entire community to provide education and entertainment for all ages. The greater-Birmingham metropolitan area is the home of numerous independent school systems, because there has a been a great deal of fragmentation of educational systems in Alabama, and especially in Jefferson County. Some of these "school systems" only have three to five schools. The metropolitan area's three largest school systems are the Jefferson County School System, Birmingham City Schools, and the Shelby County School System. However, there are man...

    Birmingham is served by one major newspaper, The Birmingham News (circulation 150,346), which changed from daily to thrice-weekly publication on October 1, 2012. The Birmingham News' Wednesday edition features six sub regional sections named East, Hoover, North, Shelby, South, and West that cover news stories from those areas. The newspaper has been awarded two Pulitzer Prizes, in 1991 and 2007. The Birmingham Post-Herald, the city's second daily, published its last issue in 2006. Other local publications include The North Jefferson News, The Leeds News, The Trussville Tribune(Trussville, Clay and Pinson), The Western Star (Bessemer) and The Western Tribune(Bessemer). Black & White, Weld, Birmingham Weekly, and the Birmingham Free Press are some of the free alternative publications that published in the past (all are now defunct). The Birmingham Times, a historic African-American newspaper, also is published weekly. Birmingham is served by the city magazine of the Chamber of Commerc...

    Urban planning in Birmingham

    Before the first structure was built in Birmingham, the plan of the city was laid out over a total of 1,160 acres (4.7 km2) by the directors of the Elyton Land Co. The streets were numbered from west to east, leaving Twentieth Street to form the central spine of downtown, anchored on the north by Capital Park and stretching into the slopes of Red Mountain to the south. A "railroad reservation" was granted through the center of the city, running east to west and zoned solely for industrial use...


    The city is served by four Interstate Highways: Interstate 20, Interstate 65, Interstate 59, and Interstate 22, as well as a southern bypass expressway Interstate 459, which connects with I-20/59 to the southwest, with I-65 the south, I-20 to the east, and I-59 to the northeast. Beginning in downtown Birmingham is the "Elton B. Stephens Expressway"—the Red Mountain Expressway to the southeast—which carries both U.S. Highway 31 and U.S. Highway 280to, through, and over Red Mountain. Interstate...


    The water for Birmingham and the intermediate urbanized area is served by the Birmingham Water Works Board (BWWB). A public authority that was established in 1951, the BWWB serves all of Jefferson, northern Shelby, western St. Clair counties. The largest reservoir for BWWB is Lake Purdy, which is located on the Jefferson and Shelby County line, but has several other reservoirs including Bayview Lake in western Jefferson County. There are plans to pipeline water from Inland Lake in Blount Coun...

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  3. Birmingham has seen 1400 years of growth, during which time it has evolved from a small 7th century Anglo Saxon hamlet on the edge of the Forest of Arden at the fringe of early Mercia to become a major city. A combination of immigration, innovation and civic pride helped to bring about major social and economic reforms and to create the ...

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    Birmingham was an important stagwine-post in the Victorian industrial canal system. Today it is the northern terminus of the Grand Union Canal to London. Heavy goods (as coal surely is) are most economically moved on water. No other form of transport is so efficient.

    The M40 motorway connects to London via Oxford. The M6 motorway also connects Birmingham to London (via the M1) and to the north-west of England and Scotland. Junction 6 of the M6 is also one of Birmingham's landmarks, and probably the most notable motorway junction in the UK, Spaghetti Junction, officially called the Gravelly Hill Interchange. Other motorways are: 1. The A38(M)which links Spaghetti Junction to the city centre 2. The M5, connecting Birmingham to the south-west of England 3. The M42, which connects Birmingham to Tamworth and the East Midlands 4. The M6 Toll, which enables through traffic on the M6 to bypass Birmingham and Wolverhampton. Birmingham, unlike London and Manchester, does not have a single orbital motorway. Instead, three motorways form a box which surrounds most of the city. These are: 1. The M42 to the south and east. In the middle, the M40 ends. It has priority for traffic going from the M40 to the M42 west. The M40 goes off south to Warwick, Oxford, Hi...

    Birmingham began as a small town in 1166. Queen Victoriagave city status to Birmingham in 1889. Many industries were developed in Birmingham during the 18th and 19th centuries. These included making weaponsand food. Birmingham manufacturing industry played a big role in the war effort in World War I and World War II. The WWII spitfire aeroplane was made in Birmingham. In 2000, a statue of stylised spitfires was erected next to the old factory site. The factory now makes Jaguar cars.Birmingham had a large car making industry. It has declined since the 1980s. It remains the home town for Jaguar and Land Rovercars. In 1974, twenty-one people were killed in the Birmingham pub bombings.

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