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  1. Bagrat's reign secured a victory for the Bagratids of Georgia, ending the power-struggles that had plagued the region for centuries. Bagrat had a peaceful foreign policy, successfully avoiding conflicts with the Byzantines and nearby Muslim realms, even though some of David's territory, such as Tao and Tbilisi , remained in Byzantine and Arab control, respectively.

  2. After the death of Hereditary Prince Constantine (III) (1898–1978), because the male-offspring of this branch came to end, the headship of the House of Bagrationi-Imereti transmitted to Prince Irakli Bagrationi (1925–2013), son of Prince Grigol, the male-line descendant of Prince Bagrat, younger brother of King Solomon I of Imereti (1752–1784).

  3. The National Bank of Georgia for Financial Stability. ... National Bank starts accepting Pre-orders on Bagrat III and Parnavaz I coins . See More.

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    V některých jazycích se Gruzie řekne Georgia ... Jeho potomek Bagrat III. pak dokázal přibližně kolem roku 1000 sjednotit okolní rozdrobená knížectv ...

  5. Ramon Berenguer III, Count of Barcelona and Provence, 1113: Through his marriage with Dolça of Provence, Ramon Berenguer III The Great rules not only as Count of Barcelona (Duchy in-game) but also as Count of Provence (Duchy in-game) and his already born son Ramon Berenguer will inherit the County of Gevaudan, making him one of the most powerful Christian lords in the Western Mediterranean.