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  1. Pierre II ou Pedro II (de son nom complet Pedro de Alcântara João Carlos Leopoldo Salvador Bibiano Francisco Xavier de Paula Leocádio Miguel Gabriel Rafael Gonzaga), né le 2 décembre 1825 à Rio de Janeiro et mort le 5 décembre 1891 à Paris (8 e arrondissement), est empereur du Brésil de 1831 à 1889.

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    Long after the Cisplatine War that resulted in the independence of Uruguay, Brazil won three international wars during the 58-year reign of Pedro II. These were the Platine War , the Uruguayan War and the devastating Paraguayan War , the largest war effort in Brazilian history.

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    In April 1831, Pedro abdicated in Brazil in favor of his son, Pedro II, and sailed for Britain. He organized a military expedition there and then went to Terceira island in the Azores , which was in the hands of the Liberals, to set up a government in exile.

  4. Brazil's Constitution of 1988 with Amendments through 2017. the law shall regard as crimes not subject to bail, clemency or amnesty, the practice of torture, illicit trafficking in narcotics and similar drugs, terrorism, and those crimes defined as heinous; liable for these crimes are those giving the commands, those executing these commands, and those who, although able to avoid the crimes ...

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