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  1. John succeeded his father as elector in 1486, while the Franconian possessions of the Hohenzollern dynasty passed to his younger brothers Frederick I and Siegmund. He decreed that the Stadtschloss in Berlin , erected at the behest of his uncle Frederick II, should serve as the permanent residence of the Brandenburg electors, the beginning of the city's history as a state capital.

  2. Frederick William was a military commander of wide renown, and his standing army would later become the model for the Prussian Army.He is notable for his joint victory with Swedish forces at the Battle of Warsaw, which, according to Hajo Holborn, marked "the beginning of Prussian military history", but the Swedes turned on him at the behest of King Louis XIV and invaded Brandenburg.

  3. Historia. Al final del Medievo y a comienzos de la Era Moderna, Brandeburgo fue uno de los siete electorados (Kurfürstentümer, singular Kurfürstentum) del Sacro Imperio Romano Germánico, y junto con Prusia formaron la base original del Segundo Reich o Imperio alemán, que se fundó el 18 de enero de 1871 y que fue el primer Estado nacional unificado alemán.

  4. In the late seventeenth century, Friedrich III, then Elector of Brandenburg and Duke of Prussia, turned the former royal hunting grounds just outside the city into a “park for the pleasure of the general population”. Since then, Tiergarten Park has been re-designed a number of times, most substantially between 1833 and 1838.

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