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  1. According to a royal decree of 5 July 2000 the children were granted the family name van Vollenhoven, without titles. Prince Bernhard and his family live in Amsterdam. Upon the announcement of the planned abdication of Queen Beatrix, which took place on 30 April 2013, it was also restated that after the abdication, the children of Princess Margriet and Pieter van Vollenhoven would no longer be ...

  2. The House of Orange-Nassau (Dutch: Huis van Oranje-Nassau, pronounced [ˈɦœys fɑn oːˌrɑɲə ˈnɑsʌu]) is the current reigning house of the Netherlands.A branch of the European House of Nassau, the house has played a central role in the politics and government of the Netherlands and Europe especially since William the Silent organised the Dutch Revolt against Spanish rule, which after ...

  3. From birth, Willem-Alexander has held the titles Prince of the Netherlands (Dutch: Prins der Nederlanden), Prince of Orange-Nassau (Dutch: Prins van Oranje-Nassau), and Jonkheer of Amsberg (Dutch: Jonkheer van Amsberg). He was baptised as a member of the Dutch Reformed Church on 2 September 1967 in Saint Jacob's Church in The Hague.

  4. HH Prince Maurits of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven; HH Princess Marilène of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven-van den Broek. Miss Anna van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven; Mr Lucas van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven; Miss Felicia van Lippe-Biesterfeld van Vollenhoven; HH Prince Bernhard of Orange-Nassau, van Vollenhoven

  5. Prince Constantijn studied law at Leiden University, becoming a lawyer, and then worked at the Brussels department of the (Dutch) European Union commissioner of foreign relations, Hans van den Broek. Later, he was hired by the EU and continued to work there in various capacities until the end of 1999.

  6. By Royal Decree of 11 May 2001, nr. 227, it was determined that all children and male-line descendants of Prince Constantijn of the Netherlands would bear the title of Count (Countess) of Orange-Nassau and the honorific Jonkheer (Jonkvrouwe) van Amsberg with the style of "His/Her Highborn Lord/Lady" and have the surname Van Oranje-Nassau van Amsberg.

  7. Beatrix (Beatrix Wilhelmina Armgard, Dutch pronunciation: [ˈbeːjaːtrɪks ˌʋɪlɦɛlˈminaː ˈʔɑr(ə)mɡɑrt] (); born 31 January 1938) is a member of the Dutch royal house who reigned as Queen of the Netherlands from 1980 until her abdication in 2013.