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  1. To posterity Corfits Ulfeldt has stood as the prototype of a traitor in Danish history. In addition, modern historians have been liable to view him as a highly mentally unstable man whose lust for power ended in megalomania and insanity. In contrast his wife Leonora Christina has been admired because of her long time as a prisoner after his death.

  2. Corfitz rigsgreve Ulfeldt (født 10. juli 1606 på Hagenskov ved Assens, død mellem 14. og 20. februar 1664 ). Søn af rigskansler Jakob Ulfeldt og dennes hustru Birgitte Brockenhuus. Gift 9. oktober 1636 med Christian 4.s og Kirsten Munks datter Leonora Christina. Opkaldt efter farbroderen.

  3. 08/10/2021 · Corfitz Ulfeldt (født 10. juli 1606 på Hagenskov slot ved Assens, død mellom 14. og 20. februar 1664) var en dansk politiker og senere landsforræder. Bakgrunn og familie Ulfeldt var sønn av rikskansler Jakob Ulfeldt og Birgitte Brockenhuus. Han giftet seg 9. oktober 1636 med Christian 4.s og Kirsten Munks datter Leonora Christina.

    • Hagenskov Castle, Danmark
    • July 10, 1606
    • former Franciscan Monastery, Germany
    • February 20, 1664
    • Overview
    • Family
    • Career

    Corfits Mogensen Ulfeldt was a Danish naval officer. He was a cousin of the much more famous traitor Corfitz Ulfeldt. He is known in the annals of whaling as the man who drove the French out of Spitsbergen. Ulfeldt later fought and died in the Torstenson War.

    Ulfeldt was the son of Council of State member and High Admiral Mogens Ulfeldt and Anne Christensdatter Lange. He was the grandson of Jacob Ulfeldt, who served as a member of the privy council. He had a sister and at least two brothers: Anne Mogensen Ulfeldt, Jacob Mogensen Ulfeldt and Christian Mogensen Ulfeldt. He was married to Else Andersdatter...

    In 1624, King Christian IV, wrote to Ulfeldt and his brothers, encouraging them to travel abroad. In order to cover travel expenses, they had to sell their father's estate Selsø at Roskilde. In 1631, Ulfeldt sold a manor in Bonderup; two years later he pledged his mother's estates at Tvis and Krogsdal. On July 9, in the same year he sold the latter...

  4. Corfits Ulfeldt til Bavelse (død 23. marts 1614), hofjunker. Han var søn af rigsråd Jacob Ulfeldt og Anne Flemming. Bavelse var hans moders fædrene Gård. Han var 1591-94 hofjunker og fik i 1597 Korsør Slot i forlening, men ombyttede i 1605 dette len med Rugård, som han beholdt til sin død.

    • estimated between 1541 and 1599
    • January 22, 2016
    • March 23, 1614
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  5. Count Corfits Ulfeldt was a Danish statesman. Once logged in, you can add biography in the database

  6. 13/11/2011 · 1663: Corfitz Ulfeldt, in effigy November 13th, 2011 Headsman On this date in 1663, Danish noble Corfitz Ulfeldt — then a fugitive abroad — was executed in effigy. Ulfeldt ( English Wikipedia page | Danish) is notorious as his country’s greatest traitor. To commit great betrayals, one needs to begin with great trust.