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  1. Alexander Hamilton (January 11, 1755 or 1757 – July 12, 1804) was an American revolutionary, statesman and Founding Father of the United States.He was an influential interpreter and promoter of the U.S. Constitution, and was the founder of the Federalist Party, the nation's financial system, the United States Coast Guard, and the New York Post newspaper.

  2. Alexander Hamilton (Charlestown, Isla Nieves, actual San Cristóbal y Nieves, 11 de enero de 1757-Nueva York, 12 de julio de 1804) fue un economista, estadista, político, escritor, abogado, y el primer secretario del Tesoro de los Estados Unidos. Fue uno de los padres fundadores de los Estados Unidos.

  3. Alexander Hamilton’s story has been made famous by the popular musical that bears the same name. The musical has successfully roused my interest in his biography on which it is based because I want to fill the gaps in between scenes and have a deeper grasp of the relationships and antagonism between characters.

  4. 26/04/2004 · Alexander Hamilton had a way with words, as does Ron Chernow. While Hamilton is a brick of a book, it was an interesting, thorough look at the life of a Founding Father: his upbringing, his challenges - both personal and professional, his accomplishments, of course, his fatal duel with Aaron Burr, and his lasting impact on the foundation of today’s nation.

  5. 09/12/2020 · Alexander Hamilton was a Founding Father, a Constitutional Convention delegate, author of the Federalist papers and the first secretary of the U.S. treasury.

  6. 08/07/2022 · Alexander Hamilton, (born January 11, 1755/57, Nevis, British West Indies—died July 12, 1804, New York, New York, U.S.), New York delegate to the Constitutional Convention (1787), major author of the Federalist papers, and first secretary of the treasury of the United States (1789–95), who was the foremost champion of a strong central government for the new United States. He was killed in ...

  7. Alexander Hamilton It is the advertiser who provides the paper for the subscriber. It is not to be disputed, that the publisher of a newspaper in this country, without a very exhaustive advertising support, would receive less reward for his labor than the humblest mechanic.

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