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    In history and heraldry, a cadet branch consists of the male-line descendants of a monarch 's or patriarch 's younger sons ( cadets ). In the ruling dynasties and noble families of much of Europe and Asia, the family's major assets— realm, titles, fiefs, property and income—have historically been passed from a father to his firstborn son in ...

  2. A cadet branch is the part of a family that is descended from a younger son (or daughter ). Cadet branches are important for royal succession since if the main royal branch runs out of people (or out of males, if females are not allowed to inherit the throne ), then a cadet branch would inherit the throne.

  3. As an adjective, "cadet" is used to signify a junior branch of a family. Thus, the Orléans line was a cadet branch of the Bourbon family, which itself was a cadet branch of the House of Capet .

  4. › wiki › Cadet_branchCadet branch - Wikipedia

    A Cadet branch is anither line that descend frae a line o a faimlie or dynasty Examples The Aosta branch o the Hoose o Savoy (gien the teetle Duke o Aosta (cousins o the Genoa branch o the Hoose o Savoy) The Princes o Carignano (a teetle that descend frae the Hoose o Savoy wha were eventually Keengs o Italy.

    • Lord Randolph Churchill
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    The article contained a paragraph about Winston Churchill's father, Lord Randolph Churchill, which contained incorrect information. 1. Although Randolph was given a noble title, he and his offspringcould not inherit the family title as he and his offspring were "cadet" members of the Churchill noble family. 1. Lord Randolph Churchill was not "given...

    I believe this article continues to be misleading. IIUC the immediate family of the first Duke of Wellington represents an example of cadet branches. He had four brothers who survived to adulthood. His father was an Irish peer, the Earl of Mornington. His eldest brother inherited the Irish titles, and became involved in Politics. In the late 18 Cen...

    That only the eldest son inherit his fathers title is no universal rule. In traditional germanic system all sons inherit the noble title, that is if it is just a title, and not a sovereignty over some alodial land. In the last case the younger sons and their sons in turn would usually inherit a title of lesser rank. This system is also common in th...

    I suggest that one of the Japanese demoted-clans such as the Minamoto or Taira clan ought to be added as an example of cadet branching as a global phenomenon. They're already mentioned on their respective pages as being cadet branches of the imperial family, and I feel it would help round off the page. Thoughts? (talk) 04:39, 2 Novem...

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