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  1. The principality was established at the death of Frederick V, Burgrave of Nuremberg, on 21 January 1398, when his lands were partitioned between his two sons. The younger son, Frederick VI , received Ansbach and the elder, John III , received Bayreuth .

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    Principality of Asturias is the official name of autonomous community of Asturias. The term principality is also sometimes used generically for any small monarchy, especially for small sovereign states ruled by a monarch of a lesser rank than a king, such as a Fürst (usually translated in English as "prince"), as in Liechtenstein, or a Grand Duke.

  3. La maison de Hohenzollern [ˈ h o ː ə n t s ɔ l ɐ n] [1] est une famille impériale et royale européenne qui régna en tant qu'empereurs sur l'Allemagne, en tant que rois sur la Prusse et la Roumanie, en tant que princes-électeurs sur le Brandebourg, en tant que margraves sur Schwedt, Bayreuth, Kulmbach et Ansbach, en tant que burgraves sur Nuremberg, en tant que comtes puis princes sur ...