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  1. Louis Nicolas d’Avout, né le 10 mai 1770 à Annoux en Bourgogne [2], est le fils de Jean François d’Avout et d’Adélaïde Minard de Velars [3].Issu d’une famille de noblesse d’épée destinant traditionnellement ses enfants au service du roi [4], Louis Nicolas, qui s'affirme au cours de sa carrière comme un spécialiste du combat d’infanterie, naît paradoxalement dans une ...

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    Charles is a masculine given name predominantly found in English and French speaking countries. It is from the French form Charles of the Proto-Germanic name ᚲᚨᚱᛁᛚᚨᛉ (in runic alphabet) or *karilaz (in Latin alphabet), whose meaning was "free man".

  3. Charles William Ferdinand entered the military, serving during the Seven Years' War of 1756–63. He joined the allied north-German forces of the Hanoverian Army of Observation, whose task was to protect Hanover (in personal union with the Kingdom of Great Britain) and the surrounding states from invasion by the French.