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  1. Types of Trauma-Focused Treatments. Many different types of trauma-focused and trauma-informed treatments exist today. These may also be referred to as trauma-focused interventions. One intervention type is not “better” than another, but rather each was developed to meet the different needs of individuals and families.

  2. Trauma and Dissociative Disorders. Trauma knows no boundaries. It affects people of every background, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, age, gender, sexual orientation, and so on. McLean is a leader in world-class trauma disorders treatment, research, and professional and public education. Let us show you how we put people first in mental health.

  3. The ChildTrauma Academy set out to help improve the lives of traumatized and maltreated children — by improving the systems that educate, nurture, protect and enrich these children.

  4. Many people want to help others heal but it takes knowledge and skill to help people who are in pain, without hurting them more. If you feel called to help others who are suffering from the pain of trauma, THI can help you: learn more about how trauma affects individuals and communities, train to become a healing group facilitator, support the work of a community of practice near you, convene ...

  5. Nuestros objetivos como asociación son aumentar la conciencia sobre el efecto de las situaciones traumáticas, colaborar en iniciativas orientadas a poblaciones con altos niveles de traumatización, potenciar la investigación en el campo y promover la formación de calidad en terapia EMDR y los modelos de trauma.

  6. A trusted reference in the field of psychology, offering more than 25,000 clear and authoritative entries.

  7. 22/11/2021 · Child trauma occurs when children are exposed to events or situations that overwhelm their ability to cope with what they have experienced, according to the National Child Traumatic Stress Network. A traumatic experience may be a single event, a series of events, or a chronic condition. The experience of trauma is highly individualized.

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