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  1. Hawise of Chester, 1st Countess of Lincoln suo jure (1180- 6 June 1241/3 May 1243), was an Anglo-Norman noblewoman and a wealthy heiress. Her father was Hugh de Kevelioc, 5th Earl of Chester. She was the sister and a co-heiress of Ranulf de Blondeville, 6th Earl of Chester. She was created suo jure 1st Countess of Lincoln in 1232.

  2. Gilbert de Clare, 4th Earl of Hertford, 5th Earl of Gloucester, 1st Lord of Glamorgan, 7th Lord of Clare (1180 – 25 October 1230) was the son of Richard de Clare, 3rd Earl of Hertford (c. 1153–1217), from whom he inherited the Clare estates.

  3. 21/01/2020 · His father Ranulph de Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester passed away on December 16, 1153, at the age of 54. Ranulph de Gernon, 4th Earl of Chester GERNON. 1099–1153. 16 DEC 1153. 1171. Age 24. Birth of Daughter. His daughter Maud of Chester, suo jure Countess of Chester was born in 1171 in Chester, Cheshire, England. Chester, Cheshire, England

  4. 09/11/2018 · Ela, 3rd Countess of Salisbury (1187- 24 August 1261), was a wealthy English heiress and the suo jure Countess of Salisbury, having succeeded to the title in 1196 upon the death of her father, William FitzPatrick, 2nd Earl of Salisbury .[1]

  5. Sunifred married Richilde, de Rouergue, 71. daughter of Armengol, Count of Toulouse and Adelaide, Countess of Toulouse, Betw 920 and 925. Richilde was born about 882 in <Rouergue, Aveyron>, France, died after 12 Nov 954, and was buried before 26 Dec 954. The child from this marriage was: + 76 M i.

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